Our Farms


Our Farms

The farms that we work with are true stewards of their land and are dedicated to sustainable farming practices. Our partner farms use no chemicals or pesticides and are faithful to: biodiversity, animal welfare, social justice, conservation and preservation of the land.

These farms are regenerating the local food movement and some are building community through CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture). We believe that farms are the heart of our society. The connections we have to our local farms and farmers nourish our whole body, including our souls.


Growing Heart Farm

Growing Heart Farm is dedicated to sustainable living and education in the New York City Region.  We deliver our CSA shares to NYC and Brooklyn once a week from spring to fall.  The farm hosts frequent events and retreats and is conveniently located on the edge of the country within walking distance of the Harlem Valley Wingdale Metro North train station 75 miles north of the city.

We practice small scale sustainable agriculture using  hand tools, solar power, spring water, and a wood heated greenhouse.  Learn about our hybrid flavor of farm life on our blog.  Join us and grow with us as we all re-learn to live in balance.

The Emerald Village

Emerald Village is a growing community and permaculture site. While they are not a full functional farm yet, they are dedicated stewards of the land. Members of the community have planted seeds to grow the fertility of the land and are in the works to convert much of their land into farm fields by spring 2013. 

Suzie's Farm

Suzie’s Farm is located on 140 beautiful acres near the Tijuana Estuary, 13 miles south of downtown San Diego. Founded by Robin Taylor and Lucila De Alejandro in 2009, we are a USDA-certified organic farm that grows over 100 different types of crops per year. We host public tours on the Second Saturday of each, and are available year-round for private tours and events to provide a hands-on experience for the community. Suzie’s Farm products are found in many area Farmers’ Markets, grocery stores and restaurants, and through its Good Farm Box, Farm Raiser and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.

Our Friends House: Sustainable Garden

The owners of the property have lived in Western Wake County, NC for the past 30 years. Their home stretches beyond the boundaries of walls and encompasses 3 acres of rich clay, soil, and grass. Deep rooted trees, plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruit flourish to feed family and friends. At times of abundant harvest, if it’s not canned, frozen, or dried, produce is given to local gathering centers and churches.  At any given point neighbors pick each other’s gardens, offer eggs from chickens, and help take care of the crops when someone is out of town.

A sustainable lifestyle has always been The Way for this family. They know, for the most part, exactly what they are eating and what took place while producing it. Not only is this lifestyle practical and cost effective, sustainable gardening has contributed to their quality of health. Guided by the sun and the rain, our friends are on Nature’s schedule. Hours of working on the land can be intense and demanding but also offers stress relief and improves the immune system. Experiencing the interconnectedness of humans with nature often invites a sense of calm, as it is grounding and meditative.