Our Dinners


Every dinner is different as each menu is specially designed to highlight what is ripe in the fields. Our mission is to not only provide delicious meals but to do so intelligently and with care. Whatever ingredients aren't sourced directly from the farm come from other local and organic farms. In addition ingredients such as oil and salt are of the highest quality and sourced responsibly.

All dinners have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Sample Menu

  • Beverages: Tulsi iced tea, Cucumber lemon water
  • Snacks: Seasonal crudites (carrot, cucumber, turnips), Roasted tomatillo salsa, Mung bean tahini dip, Popcorn, Watermelon
  • Dinner: Kale Salad with sunberries and tahini dressing
  • Mustard Greens & Chili rice with pesto and red peppers; Succotash with potatoes, corn, peppers and onions; Stuffed Squash; Bok Choy and Mung Bean Noodles with sesame dressing; Mini Cucumbers and Bachelor Buttons; Tomato and Crunchy Cucumber Gazpacho; Fresh Baked Gluten Free Bread

  • Dessert: Ground Cherry Clafouti

Sample Menu

  • Beverages: Mugwort, Sage, Hyssop Iced tea, Tulsi infused water
  • Snacks: Black bean and cilantro dip, sage and olive spread, crudites, coconut pop corn, homemade whole wheat flour bread with anise seeds
  • DinnerHeirloom Tomato and Early Winter Squash Soup with sweet corn and chickpeas; Lentil salad with overnight pickled green tomatoes; Beet Salad with oranges, caraway and basil; End of the Fridge Dish: all our field sauteed in a pot with water chestnuts;  Jasmine Rice with roasted peppers and toasted peach nutsRoasted Summer Squash with parmesan and "$500" tomato sauce; Asian Greens Salad with honey lemon dressing.
  • Dessert: Seasonal summer fruit crumble and agar agar fruit kanten