Our Chefs



The chefs we work with have a culinary philosophy that encompasses a holistic approach to food and a passion for sharing. Fresh local food is tasty, beautiful and nutritious. Our chefs honor these inherent qualities, scouting the fields for what is “hot”. What does that mean? It means it’s perfectly ripe, it can’t wait to get to the Farmer’s Market or onto your plate!

Our Farm-to-Table meals aren’t planned, rather they are inspired. Flavor combinations are culled from various traditions, memories and the wisdom of taste buds. The alchemy of foods and their flavors are considered for their digestibility and impact on the body  and the senses. The result? Healthy, beautiful, super fresh, local meals. Some call is gourmet or artisanal, we call it Happy Food.


Rachelle Crocker

Inspired by each season’s abundance, the old world, and the beautiful, Rachelle Crocker celebrates everything delicious and nutritious of food. She currently runs Honey n' Schmaltz Catering, Cooking, Confections, and Cocktails, a sister business to EIEIO Farm which her mother has been operating for 35 years. She also freelances as a menu developer. Honey n' Schmaltz cooks and creates a beautiful presentation for the smallest of occasions to large and extravagant events, as well as helping people develop sustainable healing cooking habits for their body and daily life.


Anne Apparu

Anne Apparu is a cook who puts forth the importance of clean fuel and sharing meals at a communal table. She plays a caring role in selecting the freshest, most local ingredients, and assembling guests in a way as to allow for their best to shine through.  Apparu offers you her inspiration of the moment every time. There is a story to every step. Some of her public projects include: Lunch Box Chelsea- a paper bento box filled with market fresh prepared foods delivered by trolley from home to the Chelsea galleries, The 18th Restaurant- on the 18th of the month  a communal table meal at a different place with a different theme and local produce menu, There Are No Recipes- a series of cooking videos, where children are the creators and teachers of a natural cooking heritage.


Lya Mojica

Lya Mojica - I am a Food, Kitchen, Yoga, and Self-Care Coach and Consultant. My work focuses on making the connections between the way we feed ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually, and our overall sense of well-being. I am based in New York City, where I help people learn how to improve their quality of life.



Hannah Gruber

Hannah began creating in the kitchen as soon as she was tall enough to see over the counter. Her first E-Z Bake oven became a way for her to (quite literally) enjoy the sweet things in life. 

After turning down an offer to bake cupcakes professionally in NYC, she reconsidered her relationship with food. Food has always been a way for folks to share and connect, and modern life distances us from the source of our own nourishment.  Just as sharing a meal together creates human connection, cooking connects us to the food that fuels, sustains and heals our bodies.

Inspired by the delight she sees when people who eat good food, Hannah seeks to nurture that experience. With over 18 years of experience in the kitchen and restaurants, a background in Ayurveda, a passion for organic gardening, and a love of life, Hannah hopes to delight the senses and empower all who eat at her table.



Joyce Monaco

I grew up in a family of Italian immigrants and learned to cook from both of my grandmothers and my mother. Dinner was a time for our family—my parents, three sisters, and myself—to gather around the table to eat, share, talk, and laugh. We grew a large vegetable garden, and canned part of the harvest for the year—we always had enough tomatoes to last through the next season. I still love bringing people together around food.  


Kristin Klier


Kristin Klier is natural chef and health guide. She believes in the healing power of whole foods and that our connection to what we eat directly affects the quality of our well being. Influenced at an early age by her Mother creating in the kitchen and a loud, loving Italian family always gathering around food, Kristin takes her wholesome midwest roots and combines it with the vibrancy she feels on the west coast, delivering love filled creations to feed the people. Her intention is to empower, educate and bring awareness to live a happy, healthful, awakened life that excites and nourishes the heart and soul.