Rachelle Crocker's Apple Kohlrabi Slaw

There’s a few ways to make the slaw side we had with dinner last Saturday. Here is the exact recipe.


1 apple

1 kohlrabi

4 or 5 piece of lacinato kale

5 springs of dill

5 springs of parsley (Mint, oregano, cilantro, basil, any green leafy herb you got)

Garlic clove (optional)

Scallions or some type of green onion

1 lemon

Sea salt & pepper

Olive oil

Pickled ginger (optional)


Chop the kale up into thin strips, put in a bowl, sprinkle with some salt and massage for a minute or so, (squeeze and knead). Peel kohlrabi, cut kohlrabi and apple in to thin strips, (we julienned them, although you can cut them how ever you like, I think thin and small is nice). Throw kohlrabi and apple on kale and squeeze the lemon juice on top. Try to cover the apples and kohlrabi completely with lemon to keep them from turning brown.  Set aside.

Chop scallions, throw on top.

Mince 2 tablespoons of pickled ginger, throw on top. (If you don’t have pickled ginger, no big deal, skip it. You could use pickled anything that you have or not. However, you might find it nice to add a bit of vinegar if you don’t add a pickle element.)

Second step. If you have a food processor, pull it out.

Take the herbs, parsley, dill, mint, what have you. After you have washed them, dry them, either with a towel or salad spinner, give them a ruff chop, put them in the food processor with the garlic, 1 teaspoon of salt and about 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Blend!!  (You have just made a small batch of pesto. If you like that idea, you can get a bunch of herbs and more garlic, make a big bunch and save most of it for later.)   Put on salad and toss.

Add salt and pepper to taste. More oil and lemon as you see fit.

****If you do not have a food processor or if you just don’t feel like using it, no problem. Just mince up the herbs and garlic supper fine with a knife, and put in with kale, apple bowl, and mix with the olive oil.